Meet Proudcloud

We're a new kind of web engineering firm with a relentless passion for innovation. We strive to share this passion with our clients to create a mutual desire to build great things.

Build a Better Web

It’s our mantra and our purpose. We’re totally committed to rich and functionally awesome applications running on both fixed and mobile devices.

We're helping to build the local startup ecosystem

Proudcloud's founders have all been involved in the local startup community since the early days of the web. Today, the company and its team has made the growth of the ecosystem their advocacy by leading and organizing the community through Roofcamp & Founder's Drinks, transforming people into entreprenuers with Startup Weekend, and supporting early stage startups through the Launchgarage accelerator program.

We support the local developer community

Proudcloud is a huge supporter of the local Ruby and Javascript developer community hosting or co-organizing meetups and events for both the Philippine Ruby Users Group and Manila.JS. We also advocate the growth of local rubyists by accepting and training interns on the language, best practices, and the agile methodology.

Days of Thunder

Fridays at Proudcloud dedicated to internal projects, dangerous experiments, and building stuff we can contribute back to the community. This is the venue for our team to imanifest great ideas in code, from which many innovations find their way into work we do for our clients. For good measure, Saturdays & Sundays are there for when the hacking velocity becomes too strong to quit.

Let's hang out!

We'll be at some of the coolest tech and startup events. Come and say hello if you'll be around.

Working with startups and transforming enterprise

Since 2009, Proudcloud has provided its services to both early stage startups and established companies that want to roll out web, mobile, and cloud enabled solutions quickly and efficiently.

"Proudcloud has been exceptional to work with. They have been responsive, timely and managed costs effectively. But their real differentiator is the amount of care they bring to each project. This is the elusive quality that you’ll need when things are going badly, and you call Proudcloud to bail you out." -- Scott Henderson, CTO, Bookmans

Ready to get to work?

Web or mobile, our team is here to transform your idea into an awesome application.

Full Stack Development

We're using the latest technologies that keep our products ahead of the curve.

















From the Labs

We've built and launched a few projects through the Days of Thunder initiative.


SEMAPHORE is the simplest and most effective API that enables your projects or business with bi-directional SMS connectivity to ALL the mobile networks in the Philippines.


The best thing in movies since popcorn! NOWSHOWING is the best application that brings you up to date showtimes, discover new movies, and keep abreast of coming attractions through the web or your iOS device.


ARTISTECONNECT is a groundbreaking crowdsourcing platform where you can discover and support great indie artists and their projects.